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img 8 Jun

Jayden’s Joy

Jayden has been in the Butterfly Home since he was a tiny baby. When he arrived, he was very sick, in need of heart surgery, and we knew there was an urgency about it! We worked hard to get him fit for surgery; fattened him up, cuddled him, loved him, taught him how to play… read more

June 2018

  • img-01

    20 Children in Cribs

  • img-02

    Cared for 197 children, aged from 1 day to 17 years old

  • img-03

    114 children received loving, palliative/end of life care

  • img-04

    28 children had life-changing surgery

  • img-05

    29 children adopted, 5 children waiting

  • img-06

    34 in other long term care

  • img-07

    Already helped 12 families

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