11 JunAll about Elora

Sometimes, life is extremely busy around here and we do not get time to introduce all of our children on the blog when they arrive. Today we want to officially introduce you to Elora and let you get to know her a bit better.

Elora joined our family just after Christmas last year. We had previously been providing care for her in the orphanage for a number of weeks before she went for surgery. She was very fragile and extremely tiny. All of the clothes she had were much too big for her, even the newborn sizes.


After her first surgery, she was transferred into the Butterfly Home for specialised care, to gain weight and to get ready for her next surgery. As soon as she arrived she appeared to remember our Butterfly nurses who regularly visited her and within a short space of time she was ready to show them lots of smiles.


Over the last few months, Elora has been thriving in the loving environment in our home. She adores her nannies and is nervous of new people. When she gets to know someone new, she is wary at first but when she realises they are going to play with her, play music or read her a story she is full of smiles! This little girl loves music and her toy piano is her favourite toy at the moment.


She is a curious little girl who is into everything and loves to be in the middle of any action! It wasn’t long before she started to crawl and the staff need eyes in the back of their heads to watch her, as she is fast mover.



She can now walk with assistance and is practising standing independently. We know it won’t be too long because she is walking by herself. This little girl is progressing so quickly we are all in awe of her determination.


She is now nearly ten months old, has gained plenty of weight and loves feeding time. Her favourite food is a special pureed mix that our chef makes her every day and she loves her bottles of milk in between.


Last week, Elora went into hospital for further assessments and investigations. We are hoping the doctors will feel it is the right time to close her colostomy, but we will not know this until her test results come back. Please keep her in your thoughts during this time. She has an ayi with her and all of the Butterfly staff are missing her bright personality and cheeky smile!


We are hopeful that over the coming months her adoption papers will be finalised as well so she can find her forever family. She has come a long way, since the little girl we first fell in love with and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.


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