18 FebAbundant joy


There are no words for this joy!


Sweet Katelyn came to Butterfly Home as a tiny jaundiced baby with a set of symptoms which didn’t quite make sense.


As an infant and into her toddlerhood, she endured testing, bracing, surgeries and countless long trips to see specialists.


She became an expert at packing at an early age.


While her medical file grew complex, she grew into a delightful sassy little girl with an infectious giggle. She didn’t love strangers, but if she welcomed you into her circle, you were instantly enchanted by her unique warmth and sparkle.


Eventually it was clear Katelyn didn’t need palliative care anymore. But she had an even greater need – a family who could love her unconditionally and embrace her story without fear. Like so many children – her file contained no guarantees. Imagine adoption files complete with a crystal-ball prediction of the future – three more procedures, one course of meds, then home clear with no complications.


But its never like that – adoption isn’t about checking the map and deciding to set off if you like the route. It’s first deciding to love – and then going wherever that takes you.


We’re so thankful for this amazing family who looked into Katelyn’s precious face and decided to love. No-one can say yet where that moment will take them, but they are clearly  delighting in the pathway already.


After the adoption, Katelyn’s family visited Butterfly Home with their new daughter. The change in her was clear. She has a new name and a new identity. She is a daughter and sister – beloved, adored, and cherished. She has always been loved, but this is something different.


Maybe there is a seed in every child’s heart which waits dormant until the moment  they are truly convinced of their own worth. For Katelyn, that moment is now. Her family have crossed the globe to stand before her and say “It’s you. You are our child, you are our sister. You are the treasure we have come for. You are our beloved daughter”. In Katelyn’s heart, that message is taking root. Now, her losses and the challenges she faces are not hers alone – she has a family. And she knows her worth.

Thank you to Katelyn’s family, and to every person and organization who helped make this miracle story happen!




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  1. Maggi/Móshù on: February 18, 2017 at 7:44 am

    I’m so happy for this little princess that she can make the big move to her new family and new home! Good luck little butterfly

  2. Theresa Noble on: February 18, 2017 at 10:35 am

    what a lovely story it must fill you all with inspiration

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