4 JunAll for Orin.

This week we are all for Orin and we are asking you to share his story. He arrived at the Butterfly Home only a few months old, because he needed loving, special care. You can read more about then, here http://butterflyhospice.org/introductions/.


Last September he travelled to Shanghai to start his adoption medical paperwork and he has been staying with a foster family ever since.


He is absolutely thriving in their loving home environment. However, due to changing rules with his home orphanage, most likely he will need to leave them and return to ChangSha in the coming weeks. This makes it even more important that we find his forever family as soon as possible.


When he arrived to the Butterfly Home, he was having difficulty feeding and needed high calorie formula, initially through a tube until he was strong enough for bottles. Now he is nearly 18 months old and eats everything around him. Some of his favourites include kiwi fruits, beef soup, noodles and porridge with organic honey – only the best for little Orin.


His foster mama recently gave us a progress report on him: “Orin sits up alone by himself and likes to play.  He has tummy time every day for at least 1-2 hours a day (throughout the day in smaller intervals).  He lifts his neck and chest high.  Recently he started moving and scooting backwards.  He’s very good at turning around on both sides.  He can reach for toys, and can hit his toys together. He transfers objects from one hand to another.  He babbles and says sounds like yi, yaya, mama, etc.  He understands a lot and responds to commands like “pai shou” by clapping his hands. Or if you say “High five” he raises his hand.  He will wave Hi and Bye as well.”


We are so thankful to his foster family who have provided such a wonderful, stable home for him to thrive in. We now need your help to find his forever family. Could it be you? Could it be someone you know?

Contact superkids@gladney.org to find out more information or to review his file. Let’s do this together for Orin!

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