19 FebAn (average) day in the life of a Butterfly Nurse…

Firstly, there is no such thing as a ‘day in the life’ of a nurse in the Butterfly Home. Similarly to the precious children we care for, each day is unique. Some days, we are rushing around bringing children for hospital appointments and follow up checks, other days are busy with admitting precious new children to the Butterfly Home (that is a whole other blog post some day) and then there are the days spent supporting the ayis in caring for these children at the end of life and holding children as they take their last breath. No two days are ever the same but there are elements of each day that would be similar. 
It’s ALWAYS a busy day for us nurses here in the Butterfly Home. This is an example of what a ‘normal’ day would look like in the home (minus the hospital visits, doctors rounds, outings to the playground, new admissions, visits to other parts of the social welfare institute to check in on some other children etc.);

“A typical day usually begins at 7am. We will check in with the Ayis and all of our Butterflies to make sure that everybody is happy, well and ready for the day ahead! Sometimes this means that we have to wake some sleepy heads… 

Once we have done our rounds and said good morning to all of our Butterflies, it’s time to prepare the medication. Each of our 18 children have their own medicine that is specially prescribed to make them as comfortable as possible. We calculate and prepare their medication freshly every morning. It’s important that we also check the children’s charts daily to make sure that their medicines are consistently catering to their various needs. We would consult with the head nurse and doctor if any changes needed to be made or if any of the children needed a medical review. 

Every child is unique here in Butterfly, which means that each child requires individualised care planning. The afternoons are usually filled with developmental assessments, dressing changes, weight monitoring and general health reviews. These reviews are usually done after bath time, so the children are nice and relaxed before we examine them. The ayis are a very big part of these assessments and reviews, as they know their children better than anyone else! They love to see the children have their regular weights and are delighted when they gain a few pounds. Sometimes in the afternoon we just sit with the ayis and enjoy being with the children, reading stories, singing a song or doing arts and crafts.

Sensory therapy is also a very important part of our day. The use of different colors, textures, scents, sounds and massage helps our Butterflies to develop their understanding of the world around them; their likes and dislikes. We aim to provide sensory therapy to at least three Butterflies everyday. 

Sometimes, our Butterflies use special tubes to help them to feed. We will check these tubes at least twice a day and we will often help the Ayis to give the children their medicines and warm milk at mealtimes. Some days they would need their feeding tubes changed and we would do that in the treatment room. It is not a very pleasant experience for the children so we would ensure lots of cuddles are given afterwards. 


At the end of our shift it is important that we hand over any relevant information to our colleagues. We keep a detailed record of all that is done and all there is to do. Teamwork is what makes things run so efficiently! 


Although our Butterflies keep us on our toes, there is always time for fun, cuddles and love! Love is the most important part of our job. 

We are so lucky to work in such a warm, happy and loving home. We know that our Butterflies deserve the very best, and so we aspire to do our very best as Butterfly nurses day after day and night after night.❤️ “


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