20 AprA Big Splash at Sea World!

Our first big outdoor excursion for all the children and staff in the Butterfly Home was a great success! Warmer days are definitely here and for the children this means more time outside – and they love it! After a huge amount of careful planning and preparation, the group was ready to go – ayis, nurses, volunteers and of course the very excited children!

SeaWorld 11Apr18 (4)

Favourite toys were brought along so the little Butterflies would have something familiar in a strange place, but the toys were totally forgotten as the children gazed in wonder and fascination at the penguins, fish and other sea creatures.

There were many excited smiles and laughter at the sea lions, sea turtles and performing dolphins. Our little Butterflies really benefited from the change of scenery and the sensations, sights and smells of a new environment. The staff at Sea World were amazing, arranging a special guide and tour for us and explaining all about the animals and it was truly a lovely day for everyone – children, staff and volunteers alike. Kids, fun, animals and love. What a recipe for joy!

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  1. Patrick Beasley on: April 20, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    What a wonderful trip for the children and staff.

    Thank you for all the work it must have taken to organise the visit!

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