14 MarBirthday celebrations for Jonah.

*Happy Birthday Jonah*

It’s hard to believe Jonah turned two last month! When Jonah first arrived, at just a few weeks old, we were very ensure of what the future held for him. He was extremely fragile and needed urgent medical attention. We are thankful for Baobei Foundation who got him the shunt surgery he needed and are delighted to report that he is thriving! This was our first post about him http://butterflyhospice.org/hope-for-sweet-jonah/ back in March 2016.

Now we are starting to get excited about the future. He is making great progress, gaining lots of weight and loves meal times. His favourite activities are swimming and being out in the playground.

28575907_1985531318127252_2055438650005727043_nWe hope we can find a forever family for him, someone who can celebrate each of his future birthdays with him 🎂

Until then, he will stay in his Butterfly family and be surrounded by loving staff who make every day meaningful for him. 

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