26 JanBrothers

Charles and Noah2

Charles and Noah have a lot in common. They both know the pain of loss – each boy lost his first family due to abandonment. And they both know the challenges of a life-limiting condition, and the sometimes uncomfortable medical procedures that come with this. They each have hydrocephalus, so their journeys are similar in many ways.

Charles and Noah1

But they share a lot more than this. They share laughter and cuddles, music and games. They share trips to the park and rides on the train. They share sweet quiet times and loud giggling times. They share toys and blankets (but like all brothers … some days they don’t feel so much like sharing). They also share the knowledge that any hand which reaches towards them offers only kindness and love. They both know that any decisions made about their health will be made in their best interests. They know that each day they will wake up in a safe place, surrounded by love, and go to sleep the same way. These precious little boys share home and family – thank you for making that possible!

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