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CD 2017 Jayden1 (1)

We have recently celebrated Children’s Day in China. International Children’s Day is a national holiday here. Celebrations start several days before the official Children’s Day on June 1st. Children at schools and kindergartens put on performances for their parents and teachers, and enjoy special activities or excursions. Most families spend time together on Children’s Day together, going to the park or enjoying special food. Movie tickets are often discounted and admission to public amusements might even be free. Some cities hold parades or offer free public concerts. It’s a special time for people to appreciate the children in their lives.

At Butterfly Home, we celebrated with yummy food and fun together. Our precious children were also blessed with  gifts of clothes and toys from our neighbours and local friends.

CD 2017 Jayden1 (2)

Jayden is learning to move around in his walker and feeling very happy with himself. He’s wearing his Children’s Day gift – a very smart new outfit. Dear little Jayden is so brave – embracing new challenges in spite of his complex heart disease. Recently he’s begun to enjoy solid food – we started cautiously, trialling him with just one spoon feed per day. It seems he approves – he’s now replacing one of his milk feeds with two bowls of food per day. Its great to see him experiencing taste and texture.

CD 2017 Austin

Austin also has a new outfit, given to him for Children’s Day. Austin is eating solid food these days too. He takes  three full bowls of pureed food each day. It seems to be going right to his cheeks – such a cute boy!

CD 2017 Olivia

Olivia looks very sweet in her ruffled Children’s Day top. Can you believe she is over five years old now? When she first arrived, it was difficult to imagine that she might ever smile. Now she smiles all the time.

CD 2017 Brian2     CD 2017 Brian

Brian was also given new clothes – but his favourite gift is this cute little backpack. He loves it, and wants to wear it all the time. Brian is a happy active little boy, whose antics make everybody smile!

We want to thank our loving friends for these kind gifts. It means the world to us that you remembered our children too, on this busy national holiday.

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