23 FebA day in the life of an Ayi…

You may have gained an insight into the busy life of our Butterfly nurses in a previous blog post. (If not, check it out here http://butterflyhospice.org/average-day-life-butterfly-nurse/).  But we thought you would like to know more about the wonderful work of our amazing Ayis. We could not do what we do without our team of dedicated Ayis and appreciate all that they do for the children.

The word Ayi directly translates as ‘aunt’; we use it as a term for our Butterfly nannies. Really, we are so lucky to have a team of dedicated, hard working and kind Ayis. Just like the nurses, our Ayis’ workload is based around one special ingredient; love.
The life of an Ayi also begins in the early hours of the morning. A detailed handover is taken from their colleague about how the children were overnight, before the day begins. Our Ayis always start the day with a hug for each of their children and plenty of smiles.

Each Ayi is assigned care of three butterflies. As continuity of care is very important for our children, the same Ayis care for the same children when they are on shift. The beginning of a shift involves an assessment of the child, what they may require, and whether they need nursing intervention.
Breakfast and meal times are made comfortable and enjoyable for the children thanks to their Ayis. Some children take longer than others for feeding, but the patience and love given to the children, through these activities needs to be admired.

Medication is always given at specifically tailored times under the nurses’ guidance and directions. Any difficulties or issues are closely monitored and reported to nursing staff if necessary.

Our Ayis love to make sure that the Butterflies feel as beautiful as we know they are. They will often spend a lot of time brushing the children’s hair, dressing them in clean, comfortable clothes and helping them to feel their very best.

Sometimes, the Ayis will bring the children out for day trips, to the playground, to parties and for other special occasions. Other days are spent playing with them in the playroom, singing songs and putting life into every day.

The Ayis and nurses work closely together to ensure that the very best of care is given to our children. Most of all, our Ayis strive to let every Butterfly know just how loved they are. We are so thankful for the Ayis who work in the Butterfly Home and for their kind, loving hearts.

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