26 JunElora’s update

Since our last post on Elora (check it out here if you missed it), a lot has happened in a short space of time. She spent a few days in hospital having some investigations and surgical assessments done with her ayi by her side. After these were completed, the doctors felt she was fit for surgery. Just a few days later, she underwent surgery. She quickly had the doctors and nurses wrapped around her fingers with her beautiful smiles and everyone constantly commented about how brave she was and how happy she was.

Two days after surgery, Elora was sitting up, playing with toys and full of giggles for everyone around her. The other ayis and nurses from the home, were regular visitors after their shift finished to check up on her. They couldn’t wait to have their little girl home.


The doctors were extremely happy with her progress and post operative recovery that less than a week after surgery, they gave the ayi the magic words and said she could go home. With that, the ayi raced around, organising everything quickly and got her home within a few hours.


We are delighted to have her back in the home, seeing her bright cheery smile every morning and hearing her sweet giggles as soon as you walk through the door. Already, she is eager to get back on her feet and get practising her walking again.


We have had a number of informal enquiries about her adoption paperwork. Her adoption file is still not complete, but we would ask you to contact super kids about any adoption related questions as they will be able to help you.


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