30 SepEnd of the Summer sunshine

Some of our favourite things about Summer included:

* The brighter mornings and evenings.

* Trips out to the playground.

* The feeling of the sun against our faces.

* Ice cream, sweet treats and more ice cream!

One thing we won’t miss though is the overwhelming heat! The children and Ayi’s are delighted that Autumn weather is arriving, bringing with it the cooler temperatures and lower humidity. But before we said goodbye to the sunshine, we had a few more memorable playground days and captured some gorgeous smile!

42263824_743360822675193_2688206192181772288_n 42476422_281855519122964_2119786138347503616_n 42314548_621402498261518_8531952542093934592_n  42503902_284907492348346_711595434346283008_n 42516184_428453824349428_2412607482351321088_n 42475519_1002014043342280_3396416603888287744_n

We can still go to the playground in the Autumn but the endless hours of outdoor activities will now be shortened with the change of weather.


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  1. Dontie Kidwell on: October 1, 2018 at 1:14 am

    Those are precious smiles!

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