2 JulThe final tale of the travelling suitcases… (Part 3)

The suitcases are packed and ready to leave in the next few days, travelling from the U.S.A., heading directly to the Butterfly Home.


Thank you to everyone who donated supplies to fill these suitcases full, from beakers to vitamins to bibs and sensory toys! We are so grateful for the continued support from so many people, who donate in whatever way they can.


We can now reveal that the owners of these suitcases belongs to a very special mama and baba! Their little boy is waiting in China for them….


Yes that is Joseph and he will be in his mama and baba’s arms very soon. His parents are kindly bringing all of the supplies with them when they come to bring Joseph home very soon! You can read more about his days in the Butterfly home here.

We are so delighted for Joseph and his family and thankful for their kindness in bringing much needed supplies to us. We wish them all a lifetime of happiness together and cannot wait to see what his future holds.


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