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Right now hundreds of thousands of children are in need of palliative care in China.
In 2006 we started by providing loving palliative care to just one child.
Ten years later and this is our story…

It's Our 10 Year Anniversary

Since we opened our doors in 2006 we've been pioneering children's palliative care in China. Our story is full of heartache, loss, joy and surprise; and we'd like to share it with you.

Scroll through the timeline below to find out about key events over our 10 year history and scroll down to find out about how you can support our work.

The Beginning

After working in Chinese orphanages for 3 weeks of the year, every year, since 1994, our co-founders; Lyn and Alan Gould set up Butterfly Children's Hospices, known then as ChinaKidz in 2006. Lyn saw first hand what children desperately needed and the chronic lack of resources that were available at that time.

Love Care Hope

Late 2014 saw us undergo our first global crowdfunding campaign. We were particularly short on individual giving funds in 2014 so we went about fundraising in a new way (for us at least!) We raised $31,000 in little over 6 weeks and our Love Care Hope crowdfunder was the most viewed community campaign on Indiegogo - a great success!

Goodbye to Our Dear Conor

Conor had been with us since 2012 and suffered from multiple chronic neurological issues. Yet in time we managed to stabilise his condition for a number of months, he really enjoyed sensory therapy, and birthday cake on his 6th birthday. Conor died peacefully in the loving arms of his Ayis in November 2015; we always knew this day was coming, but knowing never makes it any easier.

A Story We Couldn't Have Written

2016 has been a real rollercoaster, with incredible highs and almighty lows. We always take great news where we can, knowing that bad news is more often than not, the calling card of the day. But this story, the story of Michael and Robert is a story that is right up with the very, very best of all time.


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