2 JulGuess who is coming to visit?


Butterfly Home is honored to share that we will be welcoming  a special guest very soon. HRH Princess Anne will be touring Butterfly Home and meeting our precious children next week. She will also be delivering a keynote speech at “Spreading the Hope” – our conference on children’s palliative care in China.

The theme of this conference is so exciting – it focuses on developing services for families with life limited children. We are examining the differences between children’s palliative care and  adult palliative care, and considering how services for families can enhance children’s quality of life. We look at the importance of psychological support for both children and families, the role of volunteers in a palliative setting and the use of teamwork to meet the complex needs of life-limited children and their families.  There’s also time allocated for developing policy and planning the next steps in developing these vital services.


Family support is dear to our hearts at Butterfly home.  So often, a child’s deepest need is family. Yes, they are facing overwhelming medical challenges, but it is the loss of their family which truly breaks their spirits. One of our most important roles is to step into this heartbreaking gap and become family for our little ones who have been abandoned – but imagine if we could change this! With compassionate, effective support, delivered to families before they reach breaking point, we really do believe many of our darling Butterflies would live out their days with the families they love.


It’s going to be an exciting conference. Lyn Gould is already in China, and working with our whole team to prepare for this special time. We are so proud to be hosting this gathering again – so many wonderful people with experience, energy  and passion, all coming together to help children facing life limiting conditions. And what a special honor that  HRH Princess Anne will be joining us! Stay tuned – we can’t wait to share this story.


Help us to continue changing lives.

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