17 JunHappy Father’s Day

Today we celebrate dads all around the World and say thanks for everything that they do. We take a moment to think of our Butterflies ‘first’ fathers who had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave their babies behind. We take a moment to thank all of our male volunteers who spend time with the children, reading stories, playing ball and fixing things around our home. But this post today is really dedicated to our amazing forever dads who have brought their Butterflies home and we wanted to share some of the things that make them special…

From reading stories… (Lily & her dad)


To playing mini golf… (Robert, Michael & their baba)


To boat rides on the lake… (Joshua & his dad)


For all of the arts & crafts… (Aaron & his daddy)


For those after swimming snuggles… (Zach & his daddy)


For the outdoor adventures… (Oliver & his dad)


For those special family occasions… (Sammy & his daddy)


For the all important sports games.. (Finlay & his baba)


For the adventures on the trampoline… (Zoe & her daddy)


For making memories in the snow… (Poppy & her baba)


To making memories in the sunshine… (Allie & her baba)


To the smiles and the laughter… (Pippa, Nellie, Jon & their daddy)


And those special seaside adventures… (Lana & her daddy)


We are thankful for all of these new adventures that these children have because of their forever families and their fathers!

So today we want to send extra special wishes to all of the dads of our Butterflies.  Happy Father’s Day.

(Special thank you to these families for sharing these photos and memories with Katie for this blog post.)

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