28 JanHappy Year of the Rooster!!!!


Wishing our Butterfly family near and far a happy and love-filled Year of the Rooster!

To celebrate the start of a New Year, we want to introduce some of our sweet new faces.

Felix 3

This little guy is Felix, who joined our family in November. Dear Felix has many medical challenges – heart problems, gastrointestinal challenges, and a possible seizure disorder. Like our beautiful William, he also has respiratory obstructions related to the cartilage in his respiratory tract. The first month with Felix was a tricky forwards and backward dance, trialling treatments for his various challenges, and finding out what worked for him. Thankfully now he is more settled and comfortable, and he’s gaining weight. He still takes his food through a tube, but as he grows, we’re hoping to introduce oral feeds. We’re also looking forward to seeing that lovely face lit up in a smile most of the time.


This cutie is Austin. He came to us about 2 weeks ago, at nine months of age. He is very small, with big expressive eyes, and has suffered a lot in his short life. When he arrived, he had stopped feeding much at all,  his skin was fragile, and he was distressed. We have already seen some changes – he is mostly settled in the day now. If he cries at night, he can be calmed with cuddles. We are working on unravelling his medical history and getting firm diagnoses – but the first priority is comfort and nutrition. This baby needs most of all to know he is loved.


Jackson is only five months old and has congenital heart disease with some secondary complications.  Since he came to Butterfly Home in December, we’ve seen his breathing improve and his condition stabilize. Now he is waiting his turn for heart surgery in Beijing. Sometime after Spring festival, plans will be made and travel will be arranged.  Until then, our job is to get him as fat and strong as possible, so he is in peak condition for that first operation!


And this sleeping beauty is Kimberly – she is our newest Butterfly, and only 25 days old.  She loves to be held, and stops crying quickly when she is picked up and cuddled. Kimberly was born prematurely, and  she’s in the incubator right now to help regulate her body temperature. She’s tiny, but she is also sweet and alert with a great sucking reflex. Its encouraging to see her eating so enthusiastically, and we’re hopeful she will grow well and thrive.

Happy New Year to every wonderful person who has supported, volunteered or encouraged us. If you would like to celebrate the New Year by welcoming Felix, Austin, Jackson or Kimberly with a donation, or if you would like to sponsor one of their cribs for the Year of Rooster, please contact Helen in our UK office: helen@butterflyhospice.org

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