30 JunLet’s get our boy rolling!


Wheelchairs mean more than you can imagine for kids like Noah. They allow mobility of course – but its more than that. As babies, it is normal to spend most of the time being carried or on the floor. It’s normal to travel in a pusher or a pram. But Noah’s not a baby anymore. Our precious little guy is growing up. He’s learning new things, developing his own opinions, and longing to explore the world. He wants others to see that too. He is ready to engage with his world like any other little boy – face to face, with some autonomy over his own body and where he moves. A wheelchair would allow this – a wheelchair represents not only mobility, but dignity as well.


Since Noah arrived at Butterfly Home, we have been overwhelmed with the love shown to him. In those early days, we honestly didn’t know if he would survive the first week. Today he is thriving, developing, and almost a mini-celebrity! Locals, overseas supporters and the generous ex-pat community have joyfully supported him. His sweet loving personality endears him to visitors. In photographs, his head size looks alarming, but meeting him face to face is different. You are quickly drawn to the sparkle in his eyes and his quiet sense of humour. The treasure that is the “real” Noah outshines his disability. He is happy, trusting and kind – simply the most beautiful type of person!


So now we are hoping to rally Noah’s friends from around the world once again, and get our little hero rolling. We have seen in the past how wheelchairs change the world for our children – Annie, William, Edmund and Matilda have all received custom wheelchairs thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We’ve seen these sweet children beam with happiness as they realise this chair is just right for them. We’ve seen their confidence grow, and their hearts sing as they take steps towards independence. Adults talk age-appropriately to them in a wheelchair – being stuck in a pusher leaves you frozen in endless baby-hood. Wheelchairs are definitely life changing and life expanding – and Noah is so ready for this change!

We are fundraising on Crowdrise for Noah –  Please help us if you can. Every donation, no matter what size, is a wonderful gift for a wonderful child. We are aiming to purchase a chair with a special headrest for children with hydrocephalus – so that he can safely and comfortably move around the Home and outside. Noah’s biological family is not here to provide for him – but he is part of our huge, loving, giving Butterfly family. We’ve come together from all over the world, sharing our belief in the value of every kid’s life. So, come on family – lets change Noah’s life and get our boy rolling!





Help us to continue changing lives.

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  1. Rachel Addington on: July 1, 2017 at 7:30 am

    Oh my goodness! We have been away from Changsha for one year, and look how much Noah has grown! Wonderful to see him looking more grown up, engaged and enjoying his Butterfly family. Really ready for his own wheelchair for even more interaction and growing up.

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