9 FebHi, I’m Felix.

Hi there, my name is Felix. I’m seventeen months old. I arrived to the Butterfly Home in November 2016 when I was just five months old. I came to the Butterfly Home because I was very sick, I could not breathe properly and I needed some special care.

Some of you may not know me as well as you know the other butterflies because I am quite quiet. I like to rest a lot. But I thought now is a good time for you to get to know me more.

27747241_10159832801265648_1290019741_oUsually, I will sleep in the morning time. My Ayi will give me some lovely warm milk at 09:00 through a special tube in my nose. The tube feeds my tummy. It is too un-comfortable for me to swallow and the nurses and ayis at Butterfly understand that. I feed through my tube ever 3 hours and the Ayis always make sure that I am warm and cosy during my feeds. I usually lie on my side because it helps me to breathe properly.

2pm is bath time. This is one of my favorite parts of the day because my Ayi puts lots of bubbles in my bath. The water is always warm and it smells like daisies. Sometimes there will be music playing too. After my bath I like to cuddle and play with my Ayi. She is great at singing songs.


I might chill on the couch with my buddies Olivia and Austin in the afternoon. We love to watch Tom & Jerry together! 27747002_10159832801025648_1215746239_o 27786538_10159832800960648_2031673461_o

Once a week, I go to the sensory room with one of the nurses. I really love sensory therapy. There are beautiful butterflies that I can look at flying on the wall while I am all bundled up on the massaging mattress. The nurses use all sorts of different teddies, rattles, brushes, scents and oils to stimulate all of my senses. I find this time really relaxing.


The nurses and Ayis usually tuck me in before I go to sleep at night. I sleep in the cot beside my two best friends; Tom and Edmund. Edmund is always smiling! Charles sleeps nearby too and he always keeps us in good spirits with his giggles.


I am really happy here with all of my friends in Butterfly. We are like one big happy family. ❤️

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