28 AprIntroductions….. starting with Orin.


We have some new faces around our Home these days, so it’s time we introduced these precious treasures. Over the next few days, we’ll share the stories of our latest little Butterflies with you.


This sweet baby is 3 month old Orin, taken when he arrived at the end of March. He has a lot to contend with – malnutrition, prematurity, injured nerves in his arm, heart disease and chromosomal differences. When he got here, his body temperature was dangerously  low and he was unable to suck and swallow properly. We placed a nasogastric tube to make sure he got the nutrition he needed.


He’s been on special formula with supplemental vitamins, and we have given him a safe routine, lots of love and appropriate stimulation. Fast-forward a few weeks – and you can see what a difference those vital things can make. Orin doesn’t look like the same child anymore. He still takes some of his food via his tube, but he’s learning to suck and  improving daily. If he is hungry and feeling motivated, he takes the whole bottle by mouth.


He’s gained lots of weight and filled out in all the right places. He’s stronger too. His reflexes, which were absent before, are improving all the time, and he’s a much happier baby.


It’s one of our favourite miracles to see a baby’s personality emerging when they feel safe and loved. And just this week – Orin took another great step forward. His nasogastric tube was removed. He doesn’t need it any more because he’s eating like a champ. His ayis are so pleased!


In the next few weeks, Orin will have a CT scan and some further testing to help us get a fuller picture of his challenges. In the meantime – he will be getting extra doses of TLC, plenty of nutritious formula and just the right amount of therapy. Please keep him in your thoughts!



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