5 JanIt’s Party Time!

At the Butterfly Home we certainly know how to throw a party and this year’s Christmas/New Years celebrations were no different! Due to a change in regulations we had to postpone our Christmas party, which only meant one thing…. a BIGGER and better New Year Party!


The home was decorated beautifully with colourful balloons and celebratory decorations. The day was filled with music and dancing and of course, a wonderful cake and delicious treats!


The children were spoilt with lots of presents sent from all over the World, with parcels arriving from Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia and America! We are so grateful to those who took the to send gifts to our Butterflies. These are some of the photos of the children with their gifts.

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We even had gifts for our newest arrival Elora…


And of course a nice big parcel for John… but John decided he didn’t want to wait until the party and opened it right away in his bed when the nurses suggested the gift might be for him!

It was a lovely day, filled with celebration and reflection of all that was achieved in 2017 and a great way to start 2018! Keep an eye on our social media sites to see more photos from the occasion!

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