26 NovJoshua’s journey


From the day we first met Joshua, we always knew he would be one to watch! We were constantly chasing him around the home, bringing him to the playground to tire him out and tried to encourage ‘quiet time’ as part of his daily routine! His energy and enthusiasm for life was infectious and this has flourished since he has been home with his forever family! From these photos, we think you can see how adventurous, fearless and energetic Joshua still is and how having a family has changed his life in a million and one ways!

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As National Adoption Month comes to a close, we asked Joshua’s mum what does adoption mean to their family? Here is what she had to say…

Families are created in many different ways and ours is special to us. Both of our adoptions have brought us great joy, and most of all brought us together as a family. Adoption means opening your heart and taking a leap of faith. It has filled that space in our hearts that desired a child. We share the sadness at the loss of their biological parents, we love them unconditionally and feel so blessed and honored to be called Mama and Baba. Adoption has brought two boys together that are now forever brothers and friends. God has given us two amazing boys who we are thrilled to watch grow and spend our lives with!


We are so happy to see Joshua and his brother thriving and cannot wait to see what is next for these two boys!



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