31 MaySearching for a very special family…

Our hope for all of the Butterflies is a forever family for each and every one of them. We celebrate when children are adopted and delight in seeing their progress with their forever families.

John is a very special boy who is deeply loved in the Butterfly Home, but his greatest need is for a forever family. We have shared his story before but we ask that you take a few minutes to read a little more about him here and share his story far and wide to help his forever family find him.


John is gentle, loving and wise beyond his years. He is 9 years old now and time is running out for adoption. As children get older  it is harder for them to get adopted and their files often get overlooked.

John is funny and loves physical rough and tumble. He laughs, he walks by himself, and he plays. John has a diagnosis of Autism, but this does not define him. His file will go back to the shared list this week and then his chances of finding a family are even less.


He is affectionate with the other children and his favourite places to be are in the playroom or outdoors. Some of the words his ayis and volunteers use to describe him include loving, friendly, sociable and kind. These photos show his caring, affectionate side with another Butterfly. He likes to be loved and to show love to others.


Because of his age, John is running out of time to find his forever family. We know this will take a very special family, but we believe they are out there. Are you them? Do you know them? Contact superkids@gladney.org to find out more information.

Please join with us to find John’s forever family and share his story.

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