5 MayLove is…..

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…cuddles with Austin and his ayi.


It’s so beautiful to see this little guy happy and responding to love.  This little face was so full of fear and fury when we met him at the beginning of this year. He was suffering, and refusing to suffer silently. Austin told us clearly each time we looked into his eyes that he was miserable and life was painful. He cried from deep inside his soul, raging at the injustice of life and challenging us to make it better.

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Now there is a different message in those dark eyes. Austin has almost doubled his weight, and his skin is healthy. The sores in his mouth which prevented him feeding have healed. Sometimes he still cries, but he is consolable. His nights are restful and he sleeps peacefully. He loves his milk, eats pureed food, and learning to sit up like a big boy.


Austin still has serious health challenges, including seizures, liver function issues and heart abnormalities. But he is a different child after just four months of love and stability. His challenges may still be present, but his suffering has been exchanged for peaceful days, sweet cuddles and that delicious feeling of a full contented belly. We’re so grateful to have been here to help him – and we think Austin is pretty happy with the trade. Love is ……magical!



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