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While HRH Princess Anne she was here, she met one of our own Butterfly Princesses. This is Hailey – a delicate little girl who is eight months old. You would never guess her age from her size. She’s battling multiple challenges – suspected brain injury, respiratory infections, and malnourishment due to poor feeding.  Slowly, slowly things are improving for her. She’s taking some milk orally, but not enough, so she has tube feedings as well. Her health is stabilizing, and we are ridiculously excited about every single gram she gains at weigh-in time. Its exciting to see her tiny frame filling out.


Even though she’s feeling a bit better, sometimes Princess Hailey is unsettled and miserable without any real explanation. Her tummy isn’t sore, she’s had plenty of milk, her diaper is dry – yet she cries broken-heartedly if she is placed in her crib.

But perhaps it’s not such a mystery.  Hailey knows exactly what she needs – she needs to be held. Once she is cuddled in safe arms, she settles peacefully.  After all the fear and uncertainty of her short life – who could blame her? Tiny babies aren’t meant to be alone. And they certainly aren’t meant to be alone, hungry, sick and afraid. Hailey has experienced all those things in her early life through abandonment –  no wonder she wants to stay in the arms she has learnt to trust. She must feel terrified to be set down – even in her own familiar bed.


We are happy to cuddle this sweet princess, if that’s what she needs. We’ll check her diaper, feel her tummy, make sure she’s had enough to eat, treat her cough and pat her back….. then prescribe unlimited cuddles, consistent kindness and unreserved love.  It’s fitting she is currently in the crib called Trust – we hope that she is learning to trust that the world is kind. We hope she will become well enough to leave us, and take that trust into a new life, full of promise.


Thank you to our wonderful ayis, nurses and Butterfly siblings – who are showing Hailey kindness every day. If you would like to support Hailey’s journey by sponsoring her crib “Trust”, or another Butterfly Home crib, please contact helen@butterflyhospice.org

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  1. Julie Carter on: August 8, 2017 at 1:49 am

    This is too heartbreaking for words.
    I’m deeply moved and in awe of Butterfly!

    This sorry world is so desperately short of unconditional love and human empathy.

    Your actions are setting a standard we all need to aspire to.

  2. Móshù on: August 8, 2017 at 4:48 am

    She’s gorgeous! I’m happy for this little princes that she found her way to the butterfly hospice

  3. Theresa on: August 10, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    What a little sweetheart

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