11 MayLove flows both ways – Joy’s story


Today we are introducing Joy.

Joy is our beautiful play ayi. She is wonderful lady with a  great love for children and a playful spirit. Her job is both rewarding and challenging –  she facilitates happy, productive play for all our children, no matter what their physical abilities or mental capacity. Joy performs this role with great dedication and creativity. She connects with every single child here at Butterfly Home, and strives to meet each child’s unique needs.  The children just love Joy – and she loves them equally. What’s more, she believes the children are the heroes in her life – not the other way around.


Here is Joy’s story, told right from her own heart:

 Once I had no self-confidence, no objective in life, and no passion.  I didn’t know what to do with my life. I was very confused—until I came to BHC. At first, there was no change .. but then, Joseph came back. Something was beginning.

Joseph’s operation is successful, but he is experiencing lots of pain. He looks timid and tense. On his first day home, he always cries, doesn’t smile, looks nervous and unwilling to do anything. He needs me to hold him. If not, he can’t stop crying. I am anxious, I don’t know what can I do for him. So I  try to find out more. Lyn helps me go and learn about child psychology. During my studying, I find out how important it is to understand myself. If I know my own heart, I can be better for the children. I learn, grow, and change many old concepts. When I came back to BHC, I am a different person. I am relaxed, accepting and more tolerant.  I am so happy because Joseph can relax to play with me. He begins to laugh and be naughty. He begins to learn to walk, and he is full of curiosity. For myself, my heart feels strong. I feel happy everyday, lucky everyday, amazing everyday. This is what BHC brought to me. Thanks BHC.

Joy, joseph

Thanks BHC, for letting me study new educational ideas, for giving the chance to change myself. It seems I take care of the kids, in effect the kids teach me. These kids are the heroes in my heart. This is a miraculous place. There are many stories here about love and perseverance – my story is one of them. BHC gave me a chance and a new life. Since I came here, I am very lucky to experience kindness, persistence, acceptance and tranquility. I love BHC.


Joy is so right – this place is full of wonderful stories! And the stories are not only about the children – the transformative power of love flows both ways. Yes – staff and volunteers change the children’s lives  – but at the same time, the children work magic in our lives. You cannot come through these doors and not be moved and changed.


Joy – thank you for being such a gift to our children. Your cheerful encouragement and loving guidance allows every child to enjoy playing for learning and for fun. Play is such an integral part of childhood, and  we are so happy you choose to bring the wonder and delight of play to the children of Butterfly Home.



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Help us to continue changing lives.

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