8 OctMeet the team Monday

Today we would like to introduce two of our newest team members. We are delighted that are nursing team is expanding and over the last few months we have had two wonderful Chinese nurses, Lily and Wendy, join our team.

Elora has taken a huge shining to our nurse, Lily and she loves her daily cuddle time with her. Lily is very kind and gentle towards the children and is quickly learning about their likes and dislikes.

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Our other new nurse Wendy is settling into life in the Butterfly Home and quickly learning the day to day routine. The children adore her and light up when they see her. Wesley, in particular has found a new friend and Wendy is more than happy to spend one on one time with him each day.

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The addition of Chinese nurses to our team is a huge positive step in the sustainability of our work. We are delighted to have Lily and Wendy join our team and look forward to sharing more about them with you over the next few months.

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