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Have you ever wondered what being a nurse in the Butterfly Home involves? Is it something you might be interested? Read on here to see what Meabh had to say about working in the home earlier this year and contact Molin if you think you have what it takes to become a Butterfly nurse.


“My name is Meabh. I am a children’s and general nurse from Ireland. I was lucky enough to spend several weeks volunteering at BCH at the beginning of 2018. It is without any hesitation that I can define BCH as the most special place I have ever been to in my life. The words ‘Hospice’ and ‘Palliative Care’ are often met with a reaction of fear as they are associated with the concepts of death and dying. I have always had a passion for palliative care as I believe that those vital few weeks/ months that one has left in life are undoubtedly precious. I believe that this is an extremely special time for seeking clarity, purpose and most of all, happiness. As children’s nurses, and more particularly, as palliative care nurses, we are given an immense privilege to care for children during this profound time. To care for a child is a huge privilege; to care for these special Butterflies is extraordinary. The care of a child at the end of their life should be carried out in a way that constantly ensures the highest levels of patience, dignity and love. Dealing with each child’s physical symptoms is one of the main priorities of a Butterfly nurse. The level of care that is provided to each child in the BCH by their wonderfully dedicated Ayis and nurses is second to none. Each task, procedure and routine is done with meticulous attention to detail and at the highest of standards.


A Butterfly Nurse is one who aspires to do their absolute best day after day and night after night. Not only are Butterfly nurses required to practice at the highest of standards, they are also equipped with skills that resemble that of angels; kind, understanding and patient. Dealing with emotional symptoms is equally at the forefront of practice. The ability to communicate with a child during their most vulnerable time can often be predicated as challenging. However, it is the most fundamental communication skills that are required. The ability to listen, the ability to play, the ability to laugh, and most of all, the ability to create joy.


A Butterfly Nurse provides the familiar concepts of touch, cuddles, warmth and love. It is these abilities and concepts that will ultimately provide the child with the will to live. This is what will provide the child with the knowledge that they are worthy of love. Throughout my special time at BCH, I formed some truly wonderful connections with children and staff that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I left work each day with a warm heart, heavily full of love as I recounted the small breakthroughs that we had worked for. Often, this was spending an hour with Felix in the sensory room, looking at him enjoy watching the colors float on the wall, or maybe it was achieving a 200g weight gain in a child who was struggling to gain weight, or maybe it was hearing Reuben ferociously clap his hands as his Ayi sang his favorite song, perhaps it was having baby Ronan fall asleep on my chest, or hearing Charles giggle when someone tickled his tummy.


These are the moments that are special and precious in BCH. These are the moments that will make your day, and ultimately, will change your life. This is about fighting for children, their lives and their happiness. This is about caring for them at every moment and adding quality to the days that they may have left. And so, if you are considering the role of staff nurse at Butterfly Children’s Hospice, I cannot recommend this role highly enough. BCH will meet you with a warm, welcoming environment, filled with exceptionally special people who are passionate about life and the provision of exceptional palliative care.”


Meabh, thank you for all that you gave to the children and for being a part of our team. We hope your experience will inspire others to contact Molin and consider joining our incredible team of nurses.

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