30 JanPrecious Pippa

Precious Pippa stole a lot of hearts when she first came to the Butterfly Home two years ago. She was a fragile little girl, with lots of uncertainty about her future. We cared for her, loved her, encouraged her and never gave up hope.



Initially, we hoped she would grow stronger (and she did), we hoped she would thrive (and she did) and in the back of everyone’s minds we always hoped her forever family would find her. Well … you guessed it … they did!



Nearly two years to the day after she was admitted to the Butterfly Home, she was placed in the arms of her mama and baba, FOREVER. No more changes, no more transitions for her, Pippa is with HER people now.

IMG_5950 IMG_5953

She has an incredible family and lots of excited siblings waiting for her to come home. There is something very special about her family; they have already adopted two Butterflies before, Jon and Nellie. So Pippa makes THREE Butterflies in ONE home, isn’t that magical?

27604154_536025080094703_935830983_o 27604464_536025113428033_1355948211_o

We really could not write these stories … everyday we are surrounded by miracles and we are blessed to be a part of such wonderful, happy endings. This story has taught us something magical; firstly miracles happen (and we are privileged to see this time and time again), but more importantly it has taught us never to give up on hope! These stories are the reasons our ayis, nurses and staff give everything to these children and encourage them to keep going and never give up!


Congratulations to Pippa and her incredible family. Today we are celebrating for all of you and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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