12 JulRonan’s road to recovery

When Ronan arrived to our home, his future was very uncertain. He was an extremely sick little boy and his ayis and nurses sat by his side day after day, night after night, willing him to improve.


We placed a feeding tube to ensure he could get the right amount of calories and nutrients. Gradually we saw his cheeks filling out and we started to see some smiles. Ronan was learning to trust and starting to feel safe in our home.


Each day the ayis would ask the nurses if he was ready to transition over to spoon feeds. They would delight in hearing him giggle and wanted his face to be free from sticky plasters and feeding tubes!


The nurses gradually put a weaning plan is place and Ronan is now tube free and eating all around him. He is gaining and maintaining his weight, much to the delight of his ayis.



Ronan is undergoing physical therapy at the moment to strengthen his muscles and he is already showing great progress. We cannot wait for his next progress report.


Ronan and Hailey remain the best of friends and they are never far away from each other. They spend their days rolling around together on the floor, enjoying story time together and music therapy.

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We hope the next step in Ronan’s journey will be to start his adoption papers and we are in talks with the orphanage about this. We would love to see him with a family of his own. If you want to learn more about the China adoption process, contact super kids for more information.

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