4 FebSaying goodbye to Sam.

We are heartbroken to share that our sweet Sam passed away suddenly in the middle of January in the arms of his loving ayi.  Sam left a lasting impression on so many people and will be missed dearly by everyone in the home.


When Sam first arrived to the Butterfly Home in May last year, his weight was what you would expect a 9 month old baby to be, except he was 7 years old. His body was covered in pressure sores, he was having severe seizures, not feeding and spent his days crying in pain. His body was shutting down and couldn’t cope with all of the stress from illness. Sam came to us to die, to live out his last few days in comfort, but he had very different ideas! He showed us he was a fighter. Through meticulous dressing changes and medication regimens, all of Sam’s pressure sores healed and his symptoms were managed, allowing him comfort and peace. He gained weight slowly and we no longer heard his little cry. He allowed us in to his little World and began to respond to touch, love and comfort. He was our very own little superhero. ❤️


Although deep down, we always knew he wouldn’t have long with us and each day with him was a gift. We packed his days full of celebrations, loving care and fun activities. He had sensory therapy, music therapy, play therapy on a daily basis and we saw him relax and unwind. We were privileged to celebrate his eighth birthday with him. We sang, we danced and we rejoiced in the progress he had made. He was still tiny, and still very sick but we could see he had found peace and comfort in our home.


But then, all too quickly it was over… We weren’t prepared, we weren’t ready to say goodbye, we didn’t want to let him go, but it was his time to go, his little body had had enough. Please keep his nannies and nurses in your thoughts, as they continue to grieve the loss of a very loved boy 💜 We had a memorial service last week for him, where the staff spoke fondly of memories they had of Sam and celebrated his short life. We will never understand why it was time for Sam to leave us so quickly or why his life was so short, but we treasure every moment we had with him and are thankful he found peace in our home.


19702118_1701362763210777_7025756361223564710_n (1)Fly high dear boy, and always remember you were loved … your life mattered.

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  1. Julie Carter on: February 5, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    So gratifying to know this dear little boy exited the world amidst an oasis of love. R.I.P Sam

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