27 OctEvery step of the way with Snowy

Over the last number of years, we have had front row seats to numerous miracles. Seeing children on the brink of death when they were admitted, respond to loving care and be adopted or watching other children beat all the odds, have life-saving surgery and thrive with their forever families. We are continuously amazed by their resilience, determination and courage.

When Snowy was admitted, she was very fragile and we were unsure what her future would hold. Her ayis spent night after night by her bedside, wishing and hoping that she too, would be one of our miracle stories.

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The first few weeks were tough, listening to her whimpering and not knowing how to take away all of her pain. Her ayis held and comforted her, trying to show Snowy that this was her safe place. Her nurses carefully dressed her wounds, worked out a feeding plan full of nutrients and supported the ayis to care for her. Our kind office staff and volunteers sat by her bed, reading her stories and playing music. We received many messages of support from people all over the World, which encourage the staff to keep going when times are tough.

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Over the last two weeks it feels like we have turned a corner with Snowy. We are starting to see smiles and hear happy noises, we are seeing Snowy relax into her ayis arms when she gets a cuddle, she is more alert and looking around outside wanting to watch everything that is going on around her. Every day we are blessed to get to see another part of her personality shining through.


We are monitoring her closely, managing her symptoms, showering her with love and affection and the results are incredible. We cannot wait to see how her story unfolds. One thing we are thankful for, is the amount of people Snowy has walking along this journey with her.

Thank you for your continued support and donations for children like Snowy, for allowing us to be a part of changing their precious stories and watch these miracles happen. If you would like to buy something from our latest wishlist to support children like Snowy, follow the link here http://a.co/4sseGJ3.


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