21 JunEsther’s new beginnings

Some of you will remember our sweet Esther in our Nanjing Butterfly Home. You can read more about her early years here. She arrived when she was only ten months old and had a delightful personality. Her sweet giggle and smile had everyone captured from the very beginning! Her big, bright eyes were constantly watching everything going on around her. Beneath her beautiful eyes and big smiles, we knew of the trauma this little girl had suffered with multiple hospitalisations and an unsuccessful surgery to attempt to remove her brain tumour.


As we watched her develop and start to reach milestones it was hard to believe that she was the same girl as the story her medical file told. But we promised to stand by her and make the most out of every day for her, celebrating at every opportunity.


And luckily, this girl LOVED a celebration! We celebrated her first birthday, watching the delight as she tasted cake for the first time, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our Irish nurse volunteers, dressing up in green, white and orange for the occasion, we celebrated Christmas, enjoying watching her rip open her gifts and had grand celebrations for Chinese New Year! We never knew what the future would hold, so whilst we hoped for the best we never looked further than the present day.


But one thing was for sure, we were never going to give up hope. The staff would talk about the future, times when she would be running around in the garden with her forever family and all of the new things she would experience. Deep down, we all hoped she would get this chance. She was readmitted to hospital for more tests, investigations and surgeries, with a lot of uncertainty but she continued to laugh and smile.

Many months later, we got the news that we had all hoped and wished for, she had a forever family racing across the World to bring her HOME! Fast forward a few more months and Esther, now Zoe, is home with her forever family. We are delighted to see her home with her family and to see that big smile still on her face.


The latest update from her mama included stories of how well she is doing, attending preschool and is adored by her four brothers. We are so happy to hear these details and have an insight into her new life.

Stories like these continue to make our ‘harder’ days worth it. We see the potential the children have when they come to us and delight in seeing them in the arms of their forever family. Although we strive to provide the best loving, environment possible for the children, we know we will never be as good as a forever family. If you, or someone you know is interested in adoption, please contact superkids to find out more. Your future son or daughter could be currently waiting for you in our home, like Esther was until her family found her.


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  1. Stephanie on: June 21, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    It brings pure joy to see Zoe looking so happy and healthy and to know she’s a much loved daughter!

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