6 NovAdoption… what does it mean for families?


As part of National Adoption Month, we will be featuring some of our Butterfly graduates and share how adoption has changed their lives. We will also use this opportunity to share some photos of our children waiting for their forever families in the hope that their mama’s and baba’s might see their photos here. Today we share with you what Poppy’s (previously Katelyn’s) mama feels about what adoption means to them and their family.


These pictures tell their own stories about the beauty of adoption without words, but we had to share these beautiful words as well.


What adoption means to me? I feel like that’s an unfair question. My children are beautiful, truly unique and rare treasures. 3 have been adopted, 3, although not adopted, have been forever shaped and molded by adoption. Adoption is a calling God gave our family, but it is not our family. Our family is made up of 6 very challenging, silly, and dynamic children, who God placed absolutely ingeniously together.


They sharpen each other, they love fiercely, and through them God has taught us so much. Without adoption, our family would not have taken the shape that God designed. And yet, what tragedy and heartbreak comes with it… So much gain coupled with so much loss, learning empathy and sacrifice. Learning to die to ourselves as we wrestle with what God might be doing, then learning to trust when we don’t understand… But God does, and He can be trusted.


It is all a great mystery to me, and I’m amazed that God chose us, very imperfect people, to make known His works… Because adoption, unlike anything I have ever known, exposes and exploits the weaknesses of every one of us. And yet the result is unshakable beauty and undeniable glory in the works of our Savior.


We could not have imagined a more perfect family for Poppy and we are grateful for the continued updates of their magical moments together that they share with us.


Help us to continue changing lives.

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