Trustee and Adviser Vacancies (PR/FR role)

Butterfly Children’s Hospices CIO (BCH)

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference but not sure how?

We are currently planning to move the oversight and governance of our children’s palliative care work in China from our present UK based International Board to a new Board within China itself and need to recruit trustees to the International Board to help implement this strategy.

We are also undergoing a review of the purpose and strategic direction of our charity to ensure it fulfils its Mission Statement following this change, and the future role of the present UK-based International Board.

BCH has sister charities in the US, Australia and Hong Kong that support us.

Current trustees on the International Board are based in the UK, US and Australia.

New trustees can be based anywhere in the world.

For those not wanting to take on the full role and responsibilities of a trustee we are also seeking individuals with particular experience of China who are willing to act as part time advisers to the charity.

Both roles are voluntary and are not accompanied by any financial remuneration.

Our Mission

The mission of Butterfly Children’s Hospices (BCH) is to promote excellence in children’s palliative and hospice care in China (and other similar locations) through leadership, collaboration, advocacy and education.

About Us

Butterfly Children’s Hospices is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered in the UK, working with the Chinese government to provide loving care and treatment for children with life-limiting conditions and life-threatening illnesses in China.

We have a children’s hospice, The Butterfly Home, in Changsha, Hunan Province, and support other projects in the country with specialist nursing care and advice for children who have palliative care needs, including those with complex illnesses and at the end of life.

Our Work

Focussing on our role as advocates for palliative care in China we have undertaken the following:

  • Organised and hosted three National Conferences in China
  • Made a video in Mandarin Chinese to educate the public and healthcare professionals on the role of palliative care for very sick children and their families
  • Translated education materials for healthcare professionals
  • Developed a training programme in Mandarin Chinese
  • Participated in events to include children’s palliative care into healthcare policy
  • Started work with teams in two major hospitals to develop and deliver palliative care services for children

Trustees and Advisers

Following a successful programme of recruitment to our board during 2018 and a refresh of our board skills survey, we are now seeking trustees and/or advisers with expertise in the following areas:

  • Publicity and media
  • Income generation, fundraising and grant seeking
  • Donor engagement
  • Legal guidance including intellectual property
  • Human resources

Time commitment for trustees

  • Attend quarterly board meetings (held via conference call);
  • Attend sub committees (e.g. finance, fundraising);
  • Provide guidance on issues in which the trustee has special expertise;
  • Contribute advice and support on an ad-hoc basis.

Time commitment for advisers

  • Be available on an ad-hoc basis for advice and discussion with the CEO and trustees;
  • Attend quarterly Board meetings from time to time to give their opinion on planned actions and progress.

Our Charity Status (International Board, registered UK)

We have been in operation since September 2006 under the name Butterfly Children’ Hospices.  Butterfly Children’s Hospices Charitable Incorporated Organisation was established in June 2016 in order to offer better protection for our trustees.  The operational work continues under the working title ‘Butterfly Children’s Hospices’ but under the CIO governing framework.

We have been formally operating as BCH CIO since our financial year began in September 2016.

Links to both charities can be found on the UK charity commission website under the registrations:

Butterfly Children’s Hospices 1116192

Butterfly Children’s Hospices 1167633

More information?

Role Description – Trustee

Role Description – Board Adviser

BCH Organisation Chart

2018 07_A Brief History

General trustee information from the UK Charity Commission: The Essential Trustee

Drop us an email if you have any questions and if you would like copies of our Strategic and Business Plans and Governing Document.  Our UK Admin Team (Helen & Naomi) will be happy to help:

Make an application

If you would like to express your interest in either of these positions, please send a covering letter along with your CV as an email attachment to

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