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Butterfly Children’s Hospices was founded to support families of children with life-limiting conditions and life-threatening illnesses. Our mission is to ensure that all children are afforded dignity and love in life and death. Our wish is to keep families and children together wherever possible, supporting caregivers of fragile children to access and provide the best palliative care available.

We have become a beacon for children’s palliative care services in China, advocating, inspiring and training excellence in holistic palliative care. Since 2006, we have provided loving care and treatment for sick and abandoned babies and children at our hospice in Changsha. We are now working in partnership with government, hospitals, social welfare institutions and professional associations, to develop and support holistic models of children’s palliative care across China.

We believe that:

  • Every child’s life is valuable, and should be valued, no matter how short
  • The voice of the child and their family underpins every action we take
  • Dignity in death should be afforded to every child
  • Every child should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential in life
  • Every opportunity should be taken to educate and support families to make an alternative choice to abandoning their child

December 2019

  • 20 children under Butterfly Care

  • Cared for 212 children, aged from 1 day to 17 years old

  • 114 children received loving, palliative/end of life care

  • 29 children had life-changing surgery

  • 38 children adopted, 7 children waiting

  • 36 children in other long term care

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