11 OctEdmund’s eighth birthday extravaganza!

Edmund has been with us in the Butterfly Home for quite some time now. He is adored by all of the staff and volunteers, quickly grabbing everyone’s attention and hearts as soon as they enter the doors to our home.


He came to us when he was only three years old, very fragile and afraid. He constantly cried, vomited up his feeds and had symptoms which were difficult to control.


It took us a number of months to get his symptoms under control, to see smiles, hear laughter and watch the fear leave his eyes. Throughout his years with us, there have been many lows – when Edmund was very sick and things were not going his way, alongside numerous highs – a favourite being the giggles and laughter heard when he got his wheelchair of his own.


Five years since he first entered our home, we were honoured to be celebrating his eight birthday with him. Five years of parties and in true Butterfly fashion, the parties are getting bigger and better each year!



Last month we had a birthday extravaganza with Edmund, Ronan and Wesley with all of our staff and some visitors. There was singing and dancing, delicious sweets and treats and a fun filled afternoon was had by everyone!


The three boys share a nursery together and their Ayi’s celebrated by their sides that day, then read them stories, tucked them in their neighboring cribs and wished them a good night.


Their Ayi’s sit by their cribs all night, ready to soothe them when they wake, but that night they were so tired, they each slept the night through.


We have been walking alongside Edmund on his journey of life for such a long time, and will continue to be by his side every step of the way for his future. We are not sure what his future holds and whether he has a forever family out there, but we live in hope as we do for all our children and until then, we will cherish every day with him and make precious moments matter.

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