31 OctA better tomorrow

John is such a big boy now. He has difficulties with communication, but lately he has been chattering away and trying hard to share stories with us. We can’t understand what he is saying, but it is heartening to hear him trying so hard.

Johns case is complex – he has some brain injury which appeared to be progressive for some time but now has stabilized.  He also shows a lot of symptoms of autism. The tricky part is that both his problems are so interconnected. What behaviours are symptomatic of his brain injury? What behaviours are symptomatic of autism?

In actual day-to-day life, it probably doesn’t matter what is causing each issue. The important thing is knowing what helps John to function best. We have found that careful attention to routine, consistent boundaries, gentle discipline and steadfast love make a huge difference in his life. He’s much happier these days, and much more interested in connecting with others. He enjoys playing with Michael outside, knows what is expected of him, and tries really hard to do the right thing. Such a miracle to see this sweet kid enjoying life. The heartbreaking early days when he cried and tried to bang his head almost constantly were very difficult. But today, his smile is a reminder that these kids need us to believe in a better tomorrow for them.



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