14 JanA Special Supporters Gathering

Last month, as well as Christmas celebrations, we had a very special, different kind of celebration. We organised the first ‘Supporters Gathering of Butterfly Children’s Hospices’, to give our generous donors and volunteers in ChangSha an opportunity to meet our precious Butterflies and to thank them for their continued support over the years. Over fifty groups and individual donors joined us.

The room was colourfully decorated with a balloon display from our newly created volunteer Balloon Twisting team taught by Maggie Ip from Hong Kong.

The children loved the bright colours and wonderful shapes. We had children from the local school deliver wonderful performances for everyone to enjoy.


During the ceremony our hard working volunteers and crib sponsors were issued with certificates of gratitude. We also took this opportunity to celebrate our children’s birthdays who fell around the time of the party; so Charles, John, Tom, Julie, Jesse and Hailey enjoyed endless rounds of ‘happy birthday’ and blowing out candles with their loving ayis. It was a magical moment to see some of our local crib sponsors, celebrating these special milestones alongside our children.

CEO Lyn Gould gave a heartfelt speech to the volunteers and supports. Here is an extract from her speech: “It has been nine years since the opening of the Butterfly Home. We have been through countless challenges and too many departures, but at the same time, we have also come across many miracles which has brought us tears and unspeakable joy. There are many people we have to give thanks to along this journey, including all the ayis, nurses and staff in the Butterfly home, both past and present, for their immense love towards our children and their incredible hard work, and also to all sponsors, donors and volunteers who have been supporting us and believing in our goal. I on behalf of Butterfly Children’s Hospices, would like to say a big thank you to all of you.”

The next day Maggie went to the Children’s Hospital and carried out two game sessions for children receiving treatment there. These are taster sessions to see if we can provide regular sessions in the hospital to improve the quality of life for some very sick children and their families.

We are extremely grateful for the support we receive, both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in learning how you can support us please contact info@butterflyhospice.org.


Butterfly Children’s Hospices wouldn’t be able to do the work it does without your support. Please consider donating to help this invaluable cause to continue changing lives.

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