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There are now 36 Butterflies home with their forever families, but there are many more who wait. This post will share their beautiful faces and provide information on where to find out more about them.

*Please note, Butterfly Children’s Hospices is not an adoption agency, nor do we have any influence over which families our children are placed with. All we can do is advocate and  share their stories in the hope that their families see them. We know from other children finding their forever families that advocacy works and without it so many of our children would not be home.*


Ronan still waits for his forever family. He will be two in September and a forever family would be the perfect birthday present for him. Ronan has developmental delay listed as his primary need, but is he doing well with therapies. He loves to be outdoors and is a very sociable little boy.

Want to learn more about Ronan? 

Contact superkids@gladney.org directly for more information. 


Hailey still waits for her forever family. She will turn three in November. She continues to thrive in our care and achieves her milestones at her own pace. Her ayis adore her and are her biggest cheerleaders whilst waiting for her family to find her. She loves sensory therapy and cuddles. She has a big appetite and enjoys mealtimes.

Want to learn more about Hailey? 

Contact lisa@smallworldadoption.com for more information.


John continues to wait for a forever family. He will be 11 this Autumn and has spent too many years waiting. John is most definitely the ‘big brother’ in the home and is always looking out for his best buddy, Elora. He is always exploring and loves to be outdoors.

Want to learn more about John?

Contact esther@internationaladoptionnet.org.

We will keep sharing these precious faces and stories until these children have found their forever families. Please help us by doing the same.


Butterfly Children’s Hospices wouldn’t be able to do the work it does without your support. Please consider donating to help this invaluable cause to continue changing lives.

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