7 MayAdvocacy Matters

Our wish for all of our children is to find forever families and live happy, fulfilled lives.

For some of our children, this will never be possible. Their lives are cut short because of incurable diseases and life-limiting conditions. Our focus for these Butterflies is about comfort, love and quality care in their days, weeks, months or even years.

For some other of our children, they will never have the chance of a forever family. They may never have an adoption file prepared, their ‘forever family’ may never see them or they may ‘run out of time’.

Sadly, this week, Snowy’s time was “up” and her chance at a forever family was lost forever. Snowy turns 14 later this week, and this means she has ‘aged out’ and is no longer eligible for adoption. Snowy, we love you and we will celebrate your 14th birthday in style, but we are heartbroken that your chance of a family is gone forever. To those of you who advocated on Snowy’s behalf, thank you.

Advocacy is the only chance these children have to find their families, so for those who share our advocacy posts, thank you.

Among those who still ‘wait’ are three beautiful, unique boys, with incredible personalities.

The one thing they have in common is … the need for a family. We do not want their time to ‘run out’ or their families to miss seeing their beautiful faces.

Adoption is not an option for everyone. However, something we can all do is share their faces to give them the BEST possible chance of ‘forever’.

We could not do anymore for Snowy, but we do not want to see any other childrens’ fates determined because they ‘ran out of time’.

Contact superkids@gladney.org to learn more about the adoption process for any of these boys.


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  1. Judy Kaye on: May 7, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    Absolutely gutted for Snowy

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