29 AugAmazing Austin

We have been privileged to care for Austin for nearly two and a half years. He came to us just before his first birthday. Austin was a frightened, vulnerable little boy, scared to trust anyone or open up. It took his ayis months of hard work and loving care to begin to break down the barriers Austin had built up.

Feeding used to be a struggle for Austin but now mealtimes are a fun occasion for him. His ayis are introducing finger foods to his diet, but he much prefers to have his ayis feed him his favourite rice dish. He loves to drink apple juice, but always needs to have a warm bottle of milk before going to sleep.

Without a doubt, Austin’s favourite thing in the world is cuddles. He loves to be in someone’s arms and will let those around him know that he wants to picked up.

Luna, our early education teacher has Austin working hard. He is currently focusing on ways to communicate as he gets frustrated trying to form sounds, so Luna is teaching him non-verbal methods of communication. Austin and the other Butterfly children are so determined and continue to amaze us with their progress.

After his ‘classes’, he enjoys to spend his afternoons in the playground. He loves to go on the swings and giggles with joy, wanting to go higher and higher. This boy is fearless! Recently he has enjoyed going out on the Butterfly Bus to local attractions and as the weather cools down we hope to get out more.

Next steps for Austin…

We will continue to make every day special for Austin and expose him to new experiences. Although he has complex needs, we believe he would thrive with a forever family of his own. His adoption file has not been made yet. but if there is a family out there who may be interested in bringing Austin home, please contact katie@butterflyhospice.org for more information.



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2 comment

  1. Pauline on: August 30, 2019 at 8:42 am

    Amazing Austin yes but also Adorable Austin! Now his health and confidence have improved he is giving back. So pleased he is able to get out a bit now.

    1. Katie Hill on: August 30, 2019 at 8:49 am

      Thank you Pauline for the love and joy you brought to the children during your time in our home. We really appreciate the time you spent with us.

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