27 FebAnnie’s amazing adventures.

When Annie was first admitted into our home (you can read all about it here); we could never have imagined how bright her future was going to be. On arrival, she was extremely fragile, needing tender, loving care and had a future full of uncertainty.

We knew this girl was a fighter and had always hoped she would have a life full of amazing adventures. This latest update from her mama gives a glimpse into her new life including some of the amazing adventures she has been on recently:

“She is doing great! She greets everyone with a huge smile and is always excited to join in with every activity. Her tutors, teachers, and therapists all say she is a joy to work with because of her enthusiasm and happy demeanor. She is attending a new school where they are preparing to transition her into a typical 3rd grade classroom with orthopedic support next school year. This year we are focusing on getting her academically up to 3rd grade so the transition goes well. She is getting really good at math and is able to read at a first grade level now. She is also going great with speaking using her AAC Device that she operates with her eye gaze. It is amazing technology and she is loving being able to speak to people, ask questions and talk about herself.

Her favorite thing last Autumn was getting to tell people “Happy Thanksgiving” and “Merry Christmas”, she had many firsts in the last year – including kayaking in the ocean (I did most of the paddling!), going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium which she LOVED (she is a huge fan of the ocean and loves learning about fish, sea life and all that stuff). She also attended a couple of live theater performances (Jane Austen based Christmas plays by a famous Northern California playwright). She really enjoyed that and loved all the beautiful costumes.

She’s been on a few hikes and camping trips in the Sierra Nevada mountains and even got to ride in a fishing boat (not so great, since we discovered she gets a little seasick if the water is choppy). She also attended her first festa, a Portuguese celebration of Saint Isabel and she got to go to the Circus for the first time, her favorite act was the juggler. She still loves to have her nails done and all things girly and shiny. All in all she is continuing to have lots of new adventures, learn lots of new things and growing through it all. ”

Annie, we are so happy your life is filled with amazing adventures and cannot wait to see what exciting things you get up to next!

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