29 MayCelebrating Another Milestone: The 10th Anniversary of the Butterfly Home

Lyn Gould MBE, Co-Founder and Chair Butterfly Children’s Hospices recently wrote an article about celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Butterfly Home in ‘ehospice’.

Here, we share an extract from the article:

“It is good to look back and understand the elements of the strategy that made a difference and very gratifying to be able to share that learning to assist other pioneers in other low and middle income countries. Being part of ICPCN has undoubtedly made a difference by linking me with others and making information, education and advice more accessible.

We have encountered many mountain paths and rocky, rather desolate places where it was hard to find a way through, many of these occasions marked by tears as we said goodbye to so many little ones in the early days, often with no money to pay the staff and trying to live in a land where we were essentially aliens – in a state of perpetual confusion!

It is impossible to remember and detail all our wonderful fellow travellers we have met along the way in so many guises – volunteers from every corner of the globe. Hands on working alongside us in orphanages, caring, playing, nursing, painting, renovating. And remotely by advising on diagnosis, medical and nursing care, doing admin, fundraising, publicity; by donating, praying, creating and publicising – not to mention the wonderful friends and family who became trustees in the early days, those who visited, emailed, sent letters and gifts and wholeheartedly supported the dream.

The next stage of our journey

We have recently appointed a new CEO  to take BCH on into its new phase of implementing PPC in China with our 3 key initiatives outlined in our strategy:

  • Direct care
  • Indirect care through partnerships
  • Driving policy and raising awareness

Now, as the Chair of BCH, I am looking forward to celebrating the next 10 years of BCH in China and watch the dream become a reality for ALL children and their families in need of the care and support PPC services can provide.”

If you would like to partner with us on this next stage of our journey, contact us at info@butterflyhospice.org.

You can read the article in full here.



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