17 AprCelebrating Family

As we look back over the last ten years, we want to continue sharing some of their amazing stories. Some of our Butterfly families have sent us updates as part of our celebrations. Today, we celebrate life with their forever families.


Thank you to Sage’s mama for sending this update: “Sage is a walking, talking, joyful, sassy INCREDIBLE little human, who fills my life – and everyone whose path she crosses – with joy. Please feel free to share in the hope that people who see her before and after photos realize that no matter how hopeless it may appear in the beginning, LOVE makes these kiddos thrive. Her will is strong and she is filled with light and hope and kindness.

I credit so much of who she is to the unconditional love she received for the first year and a half of her life in the Butterfly Home. All of the ayis should be so proud of giving Sage a foundation of love and safety.”


We recently received this wonderful update from Lucas’ mum:
“Lucas is doing very well, he is 9 all ready, becoming a big guy! You would probably still recognize him by personality, he is smart, caring, incredibly energetic and always has a plan…. Usually not one you would expect!

He is doing very well in school, and loves playing soccer. He has lots of friends, and gets along well with almost anyone. As a family we are busy all the time, but love watching movies together (starwars is a big hit, as well as the avengers) while enjoying pizza, which Lucas’ dad makes in our own pizza oven in the backyard.

In October we had a family photo shoot in 50ths style, which was a birthday present for me from Hans and the boys, which I totally loved.We send you and everyone from BCH all our love and will forever be grateful for the love and care Lucas received.”

We are honoured to have been a part of their stories. Thank you to our crib sponsors who donated to cover the costs of their care during their time in the Butterfly Home.


Butterfly Children’s Hospices wouldn’t be able to do the work it does without your support. Please consider donating to help this invaluable cause to continue changing lives.

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  1. Joel W on: April 17, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    Blessed are those families that are permitted to adopt. To change the life of a child, get them out of orphanage life & give them a solid family is the greatest gift. ❤️❤️❤️

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