20 FebCoronavirus (COVID-19) update: 19 February 2020

What amazing and caring people you all are! Our staff in the Butterfly Home and Butterfly Wing have been very touched and encouraged by your prayers, messages and desire to bless them all. Thank you! This has not been an easy time for the team, but knowing people are cheering them on from all corners of the world has definitely made things easier for them.

We have some good news to share: all our children, staff in the Butterfly Home and those in their own home and their relatives, have not shown any signs of the infection and remain well. Maybe a little frazzled and frustrated but generally coping well in isolation in the Butterfly Home and their own homes. The children remain happy and their smiles make it all worthwhile.

Our team in the home will change again this week to enter the 3rd(and hopefully the LAST) period of isolation. You may recall that only staff considered by the government to be essential i.e. our care nannies, nurses and housekeepers, are permitted to be in the home so they are reliant on support from Emily and Naomi from their own homes where they are isolated! We have had to delay paying the salaries as our accountant and cashier are not permitted to leave isolation – so many practical knock-on effects! The supportive attitude and resilience of the staff is truly remarkable.

I ‘met’ (conference call) with our Senior Team in China today and can report they are all working hard at home and using the time to continue to develop our plans to celebrate 10 years since we opened the Butterfly Home in Changsha. These plans include another conference (or even 2) and three new projects with hospitals to support families with life limited children. More on all of this another time!

Meanwhile please continue to hold the children, staff and their families in your thoughts and prayers, and for an end in sight.

Every good wish to you all,


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