13 DecDay to day life in our home…

Day to day life in our home is never boring or quiet… no two days are ever the same. Our children are unique and the care delivered is tailored to meet their individual needs. As the festive season approaches, it is a time of reflection, joy and celebration. Celebrating for all the children have achieved and congratulating them on reaching their own special milestones.

Here, we share some of our incredible children and their recent highlights:


Noah continues to be a happy little boy who loves life. He is always cheerful, despite his health complications. Luckily this Winter he has remained well and has escaped the coughs or colds going around the home. The new Butterfly bus has brought Noah great joy, as he can now go out on weekly adventures to places he could never access before. We are privileged to watch Noah grow and meet his milestones in his own time and hope that one day he will know the love of a forever family; who can be his cheerleaders for life!


We are delighted to report that Jill has settled in extremely well to the Butterfly Home. She enjoys eating and is gaining weight at a healthy rate. She always has a smile on her face and has the sweetest giggle. We were honoured to be able to say ‘yes’ to Jill in her time of need and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this bright girl.


We are thrilled to report that Becky is also thriving in our care. She still has some ongoing health complications, but the nurses are continuously adjusting her care plan to control her symptoms and provide comfort. Becky has a huge appetite and loves mealtimes. Her favourite food is noodles, prepared freshly by chef ayi every day. Becky’s favourite activity is being outdoors in the park and she loves to blow kisses at those walking past. Becky has found her beautiful smile and her cheerful personality shines through each day.


We are so proud of Jonah. He started the year off with multiple illnesses and health complications, but over the last few months we have seen him make remarkable progress. Jonah has recently mastered the art of sitting independently and his muscle strength is increasing. He continues to practice his standing exercises daily and we hope the new year will see him take his first steps!


Ronan brings so much joy to our home. This little guy used to be afraid of water, but now bath-time is his favourite part of the day! He giggles throughout his bath and cries when it is time to get out. Developmentally, Ronan has made great strides over the last few weeks. He can shake hands and follow instructions when asked. He continues with daily physiotherapy and his recent achievement is perfecting his leg exercises! Ronan is never without a smile on his face and continues to gain weight. Our New Year wish for Ronan is that his forever family will find him and we cannot wait for the day when we are celebrating this next chapter in his life.

Stay tuned for more updates about the rest of our amazing Butterflies coming soon…


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  1. Joel W on: December 14, 2019 at 2:24 am

    Thank you so much for the updated photos, especially of Jill. I’ve been following her story closely & have been waiting to see a smile from this beautiful little girl. I’m so glad she settled in nicely & is gaining weight. She must feel safe & secure now. Your facility and ayies are just what this little sweetheart needed at this point in her life. God Bless you & all the children you are watching over.

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