21 MarEvery child deserves a family

In the Butterfly Home we are one big, happy family. The staff love the children and the children adore their ayis. But there is one thing missing for all of our children; a family to call their own. All of our children deserve forever families and have so much potential, in the right environment. We see this time and time again in the progress the children make since arriving to the Butterfly Home. If you have considered adoption or want to know anymore about any of our children, send us a message to know more about the child and contact superkids@gladney.org for more information about the adoption process


Some of our children already have paperwork completed and are waiting for their forever families to find them. These include:

28471527_1987034617976922_8184589991090392278_n  Jayden


27973557_1964088620271522_8613909042774529214_n  John


And most recently Leon 18451771_1645731508773903_1154577595853291160_o

Some of you might remember our little Leon http://butterflyhospice.org/?s=leon. This photo is from about 9 months ago now. Leon is living in a facility close to the Butterfly Home and we are awaiting new photos and an update to share with you all. We know he is thriving and currently looking for his forever family! Contact superkids@gladney.org to find out more about any of our waiting children or if you want to learn more about the adoption process.


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