27 AugFinlay the scientist.

Finlay has shown himself to be a curious little chap, and is always trying to work out new things. And like any good scientist, he tests his theories by experimentation. Lately he has been interested in figuring out his own body mass, and so has begun a series of experiments called ” Can Finlay Fit?”

Here’s how his method goes:

1/ Find an interesting container. For best fun, avoid baby seats, bouncers, or anything actually intended for use by children. Instead, try something novel like this cake box. It’s much more interesting that way!

2/ It doesn’t count if your legs are out. So bend those knees and tuck those little toes in. With effort and flexibility, anything is possible.

3/ Make certain you have an audience, and photographic documentation. Otherwise no-one is going to believe you later!

Conculsion – yes, Finlay fits inside a cake box. Good job Finlay – no doubt you will keep up your research, and we will see you trying out lots more places and asking the question “Can Finlay fit?”


One comment

  1. Katie on: August 27, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    My little Finlay… Always bringing a smile to everyone’s face… Such a little star in BCH… Full of fun, laughter and love

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