22 JanFour fantastic girls

This week we want to share updates on four of the fantastic girls in our home. Our home is filled with all things pink at the moment, with the girls definitely outnumbering the boys! 


Incredible Ivy was the latest Butterfly to venture out to the supermarket with her ayis and ‘YY’. They went to pick up decorations for Chinese New Year and of course some sweet treats.

Ivy has made great progress over the last few months. She has gained weight, her pressure sores have nearly healed and her bright personality is starting to emerge. Ivy spent her supermarket trip smiling and engaging with those around her. She recently had a trip to the dentist who gave her the all clear to have a few sweet treats over the upcoming Chinese New Year.


Sweet Sylvia’s favourite place to be is in the park, feeling the sunshine on her face. The weather has been milder recently, which has meant plenty of outdoor activities. Her ayis love the fleece tracksuits she was given for Christmas and were happy they were in her favourite colour – pink! Sylvia’s other favourite thing is being in her ayis arms for cuddles and snuggles. Her condition has been more stable recently, but the nurses are closely monitoring her and adjusting her medication to ensure complete symptom control. We love getting to know Sylvia and cannot wait to see what her futures holds.


Queena turns eight this week; her first birthday spent in the Butterfly Home and her ayis are planning a
big party for her. She recently had some medical investigations, with positive outcomes but her diagnosis remains a mystery. As with a number of our children, their medical history is a complex puzzle to complete. She will continue to have more tests done over the coming weeks, but this week our focus is on celebrating her very special day.


We are thrilled to report that Becky has graduated from our care already. Becky was not with us for too long as the team quickly managed her health issues. She has moved into a group home nearby with other girls and boys of her own age. The team will continue to monitor her progress but we know this little girl is going to go far.
In case you missed it, you can read about some of the other children currently in our home on a previous blog post. Stay tuned for more updates about the rest of our precious Butterflies coming soon…


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